Community + Young People’s Music

Kiwis Can’t Play the Violin (2021)
Story by Pierre Rivard
string quartet
commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Gustavo Gimeno Artistic Director

Take this Card (2016)
commissioned by Soundstreams Canada and Jumblies Theatre, with The Ground Floor Community Choir
The work draws inspiration and material from spending time working with the community, and incorporating elements such as artwork, narrative, text and musical fragments, created by community members.

Three pieces for young voice & piano (2015)
Poetry by students of the school
voice and piano
written for the Regent Park School of Music, with support of the Aaron Brock Foundation

Taste of Bitter Melon (2009)
text by EJ Shu
two narrators, flute, violin, berimbau, hand drum, voice, vibraphone/percussion & piano
written for The Bankhead Project and Hear Here Productions