Electronic + Intermedia

the lovely dirt of public spaces (2018)
for fixed media
commissioned by Núcleo Música Nova, «microFOLIA», Universidade Estadual do Paraná

Hazel (2015)
clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, harmonium and interactive electronics
commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective with support of the Ontario Arts Council

The necessary thousand permutations of a question (2014)
haptic work for vibrotactile technology:  2-channel playback & Emoti Chair
commissioned by the VibraFusionLab & Ryerson University Inclusive Media & Design Centre

Kindness in the Ashes (2014)
melodicas (3), air mattress pumps (3), playback & live electronics (16-channels)
commissioned by the JunctQín Keyboard Collective with support of the Ontario Arts Council

On faith, work, leisure & sleep (2011-2012)
i. Fifth View of Bell Island (2011); ii. Breaker (2012); iii. View from the Train (2012); iv. Claimed (2011); v.  Wonder (2012); vi.  Longing (2011)
piano, text, electronics & video
commissioned by Luciane Cardassi with support of the Canada Council for the Arts
A collaborative project with pianist Luciane Cardassi, this interdisciplinary project combines music, text, and visual arts, this series of pieces is designed to be presented together in a recital length concert, or as individual pieces. The themes, titles, and text used in this project are from Breaker, a collection of poems by Canadian Poet Sue Sinclair. Audio recordings of these works can be found here.

I could see the penguins’ home from the highway (2011)
tenor recorder, with live processing & 8-channel playback
commissioned by Terri Hron, Bird on a Wire II:  Flocking Patterns

Metropolis (2010)
piano, 2-channel playback, text & video
commissioned by Luciane Cardassi 

Homesick Curiosity (2010)
piano & 2-channel playback
commissioned by Luciane Cardassi