field studies

field studies (2023)
chamber music of Emilie Cecilia LeBel

Releases May 12, 2023 on Redshift Records

Featuring:  Jane Berry, Cheryl Duvall, UltraViolet (Roger Admiral, Chenoa Anderson, Allison Balcetis + Mark Segger), and Ilana Waniuk.

field studies is the full-length debut of acclaimed Canadian composer Emilie Cecilia LeBel, who has spent the past decade and half immersed in various streams of contemporary music including chamber and orchestral pieces with and without electronic processing, as well as intermedia productions. Her forthcoming album is a quietly gripping affair that illustrates the interplay between pensive—almost austere—lyricism and percolating texture in her work. LeBel’s music always maintains a strong harmonic thread allowing it to connect with traditional shapes and structures, even as it slips toward arcane blends of pure sonic colour. However, this connection runs in the opposite direction as well. Her patience with form, careful orchestration and insight into instruments’ capabilities means that said traditional shapes can also just as easily dissolve into sheer abstraction.